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Natural hemp-derived CDB extract tincture made with vegan ingredients may assist in supporting the overall well-being of petsSelect Pets CBD Hemp Tincture for Pets (750 mg)* Formulated for all animals with endocannabinoid systems* May help support the overall well-being of pets* Consult a veterinarian before use* Formulated with a hemp-derived CBD extract* Natural vegan ingredients* Pesticide- and solvent-free* Size: 1 fl. oz.* Suggested serving: * Under 10lb.: 5 drops * 15lb.25lb.: 10 drops * 25lb.75lb.: 1020 drops * Above 75lb.: 40 drops* Directions for use and storage: * One or two times a day * Store in a cool, dark place * Shake well before use * Do not use on or around eyes * Do not use on broken skin * Discontinue use if irritation occurs * Apply over the top of food, add to water, and or give orally* Ingredients: * Chicken Flavor: hemp-derived CBD extract, natural essences, and fractionated coconut oil (MCT)

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