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Our container made from 100% food grade silicone. Airtight Smell Proof- Our tight silicone seal Jars is completely smell proof and holds your contents with no worry of any telltale odors escaping. Carry the lip balm, spices, wax, painting, cream, crumble concentrate, Dry Herb, Tobacco, Medicine or Pill you need, worry free. Water And Light Proof- Designed to protects your delicate herbs and photosensitive medicine from exposure to light or water. Come rain or shine, your goods will be kept safe. Easy To Clean- Whether you are using it as an oil container or an herb jar, our Auchee herb holder is easy to clean. Simply remove residue with your choice of water or alcohol. its also possible to toss it into the freezer or oven since our container working temp environment : -40 to 240 Celsius. Flexible Yet Solid- Our smell proof container is flexible so it will withstand drops or bumps, yet solid not to open when tucked away in your pocket. Its unique design will bring you lot of fun*Colors may vary*

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