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AiroPro’s Advanced technology and solid construction allows for our vaporizers to reign first in reliability and performance with 3x the vapor. The vaporizer provides a smooth, easy draw that vibrates discretely to let you know its working.Device Specifications: Durable, virtually-unbreakable magnesium alloy body and long-lasting 320mAh Li-ion battery provides clean vapor with no burnt taste; 8.5 W power output, 300mA (1.5W) charging current; Micro USB rechargeable.This includes: Graphite Vaporizer, Carrying Case, Micro USB Charger, & User Guide.

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    So I made the transition from herb you hand-held concentrates, and I feel like AirPro Battery has surpassed my expectations. It is user-friendly band easy to maintanace. Low thc tolerance users should proceed with caution, for this device produces a milky, white cloud with every hit, until the last hit. I am totally in love with this new acquisition and would highly recommend this product to anyone seeking a low key, highly potent, delivery system.